A native of Jamaica Markland Morley Morris was born in St.Elizabeth Goshen he is the last child of seven. At a tender age of twelve Markland found his love for music when his mother bought him a guitar as a birthday gift. Life was not all about dancing, and music as his family had it hard financially and moved around until they finally settled.

As a result of this Markland was forced to find a way to make money to have the pleasures and a normal life`of a young youth. He formed a group consisting of four members. Charmskwad which was formed in 2003 they began freestyling with lyrics following popular artist. Markland was the leader of the group which stayed together for five years. The group members gave Markland the name Sthinga because they thought his lyrics were sounding hot. They took Jamaica by surprise with the song “Gal Gwan” which stayed on the top ten charts for weeks. This gave him the opportunity to perform all over Jamaica doing stage shows, talent shows, school parties and Reggae opening acts, nightclubs such as the local Peppers. The members of the group decided they had individual talent as writers and singers to go solo in 2010.

Markland first recording deal was in 2006 with Bon fire,then Lion Yard in 2008.A true hustler from a boy now man.He has scored more points with his charm, mannerism,and personality.What makes this remarkable young man distinct is that is music is full of wordplay,realistic life and love.He believes that through his determination and hard work his music and artistic nature is a skill that is gifted.Music is the best way for him to express his views and feelings towards people and situation that may arise. For someone who has lost everything this is the beginning of something.